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With the international expertise and unparalleled experience of our gastroenterologists, nutritionists, practitioners and other specialists, we are helping our patients to get better, feel better and enjoy better life. provide full spectrum of digestive health services and variety of treatment options for those who are seeking to enjoy life to the fullest. And, sometimes, surgery is necessary to make that happen. is equipped with latest surgical advancements and fully committed towards quality, safety and quick recovery of our patients.

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Ganesh Gastro and Bariatrics is one of the prominent stand-alone specialty institute in Andhra Pradesh that deals with all ailments related to obesity and gastrointestinal tract.


Bariatric surgery is performed to help obese individuals lose weight. Evidence suggests that bariatric surgery lower death rates in people with severe obesity when coupled with healthy eating & lifestyle after surgery.


Pancreas is located behind the stomach, just in front of the backbone. It is shaped like a Leaf/Hockey Stick-extending almost horizontally from the first part of the small bowel on the right to the hilum of the spleen on the left.


“Hepato-" refers to the liver and "-biliary" refers to the gallbladder, bile ducts/bile.Surgery to treat disorders in this system is highly comprehensive and challenging & requires a high level of skill and expertise.


There are various organs that assist gastrointestinal tract by secreting enzymes to help break down food into component nutrients. Salivary glands, liver, pancreas, gall bladder have important functions in digestive system.


Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumor of the large intestine. malignant tumors can invade surrounding organs and spread to other regions of the body through the lymphatic system or bloodstream.


A peri-anal abscess manifests due to infection and results in a collection of pus in the area surroundings the Anus. Persons taking medicines that suppress there immune system are also prone to Ano-rectal abscesses.


The spleen is an organ that sits under your rib cage on the upper left side of your abdomen. It helps fight infection and filters unneeded material, such as old or damaged blood cells, from your blood.


With the exception of an incisional hernia (a complication of abdominal surgery), in most cases, there is no obvious reason for a hernia to occur. The risk of hernia increases with age & it occurs more commonly in men.


Lumps found within the abdomen can spur feelings of fullness, nausea, If a lump can turn out to an infection, compression bleeding changing into cancer, treatment could involve surgery.

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Being in the field of medicine, we at Ganesh Gastro practice compassion and dedication. We believe in giving tender loving care, attention and stand responsible for bringing smiles on the faces of the people who trust us. These smiles and patient satisfaction brings us moments that we cherish today as our history.

At, we all begin our day with one goal “leading our patients and community towards better health”, which means better digestive system and better life as it all start from gut. We feel better when our patients feel better and enjoy life to the fullest. Every day, every time and to every of our patient delivering best customized treatment options with quality, safety and tender loving care is our priority,and what ever we do "patients come first".


MBBS, MS (Gen Surg)

"I consider my profession as a special mission, a devotion as it calls for involvement, respect and willingness to help all other people."

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Customised bariatric procedures to make you feel good and to live life to fullest.

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Best gastroenterological services which includes consultations as well as procedural gastroenterology.

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Customised laproscopic treatment options enabling you to feel better and enjoy life to fullest.

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The best decision I have ever made was to have this surgery. Not only did I improve my health, I have my life back again with my family.



Dr. Ganesh took the time to listen to my situation and he allowed me to voice my fears and concerns as well as ask several questions. He treated me like a valuable human being.

David Paul


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